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Build a Coupon Site

A authoritative and stout Internet Software Program Developed to endow with an inexpensive and easy way to function National Full Page and local Coupon Advertisements for local and Business directory owners and entrepreneurs looking for profits opportunities.

  • Add website/store with Seo title, keywords and affiliate url
  • Activate or inactivate any coupon
  • Moderate each coupon and comment
  • You can change design for your site with single click
  • Change Site Title, Keywords and Description
  • Google Analytics And google adsense code intergration
  • Control Number of listing display on home page



Help People Finding Discount Coupons

While You Can Earn From Affiliate


Why did you not think it before?

If a person can earn 10 million dollars a month . Can't you Earn just $10,000 when you have same tools?

What are you waiting? Build your own coupon site now and earn commission with CJ, LINK SHARE and many other affiliates network to promote products.

Why not you give a chance to build a niche coupon site, Like Hosting Coupons Site, Jewelry Coupons Site, Flowers Coupons Site, Clothing Coupons Site etc...

Get online Coupon site today

Some Benefits

  • Build your List
  • Help others to save money and you earn commission
  • Help companies to Market Their Products
  • Boost Your Adsense Income too
  • Search Engine Friendly Coupon site
  • Multiple Web2.0 Designs.
  • Repeat Traffic. People come again and again to get more coupon codes and you will get commission each time they purchase.
  • Create Unlimited Coupons
  • Let People Vote and Comment on every coupon.

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It’s designed to work on as many servers and setups as possible. However some hosts do not support everything we require so it is best to check with your web hosting provider to see if they support everything below.

  • PHP Version 4.3.0 or above
  • MySQL 3.23 or above
  • Either GD, GD2, or Netpbm for the image upload and resize functions.
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